Strip Weave

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by Teal Architects
Site: Halifax, NS


TEAL Architects
TEAL applies 35 years of international experience in architecture, urban planning and urban design to create
ecologically responsible built settings. TEAL provides planning and design leadership towards a sustainable
future. Our attention to the balance between built form and landscape, combined with our understanding of
and emphasis on the integration sustainable systems using our own Planet Positive Framework provides a
distinctive edge for our clients. TEAL’s portfolio includes architectural, urban planning and urban design
projects at all scales from room to region. We have led planning and design teams for a large variety of
building types and community scale assignments.
In the present context which is socially, culturally, economically and technically complex, TEAL Architects
works with seven philosophies which are put into practice daily with demonstrated success:

Strip:Weave Design Team

Dan Wojcik: Design Lead
Tom Emodi
Caroline Caskey
Derick Honig